At Wright Steel Construction we have experience in designing and installing small or large scale portal framed buildings, building alterations and repair.

Our buildings have various cladding options from single skin, composite panels to timber.

Our team have successfully completed the design, fabrication and installation of high structural trusses that enabled the removal of building internal columns providing more operational space within large buildings.

We have also completed fire containment walls using 175mm composite panels for fire containment.

We on your behalf consult with the manufactures and structural engineers to be able to offer design and quotation options for your project.

If your building is showing signs of fading, rot or in disrepair, we can offer recladding options of full strip and replace.

Not enough daylight? We can install replacement or new / additional roof lights.

Need your building insulated? We can offer over cladding insulation options that incorporates your existing cladding as a liner panel.